Dear Readers I have solved more than 400 problems across Leetcode and Geeks for Geeks in the past 1 and a half years and continue to get better at it
I used multiple free resources which I will be sharing in this article which can help you in your own journey.

I used Leetcode and Geeks for Geeks for programming

Leetcode :-Leetcode was my primary problem solving platform because of the discuss section that is present where people post interview experiences and the solutions are also present in a detailed manner and we can solve problems based on the topics we want to choose and solve.Range of topics to choose fromMultiple Solutions are present for a problem for ease

2) Code story with MIK Youtube Channel:-This is a golden Youtube channel which I used extensively during Dynamic Programming and currently using for Graphs.

In this channel there are multiple playlists present for different Data structures and algorithms and the explanation by the author is very very good, I would highly recommend anyone to view this channel if ever stuck in your DSA journey, it will be worth your time.


Code story with mik

3) Love Babbar :- This is also a Youtube channel which helps me immensely in my DSA journey, some of the solutions really helped me, he explained the question and the solution in detail which was good to have.

He also has a very famous DSA sheet which I follow containing hand picked problems for interviews and is really helpful to crack interviews of top FAANG companies.

450 Sheet:-

Youtube channel (sorry for my spelling :))

4) take U forward :- This is another Youtube channel that I follow because of the content being good and in detail explanations of multiple problems present, I watched a lot of Binary search solutions from his channel because of his concise explanation.

He has also has a sheet of problems that is to be used for revision before any interview that is there

Striver last moment sheet:-

take U forward

5) Aditya Verma:- He is considered a pioneer in Dynamic Programming because of the way he taught DP concepts , I gained confidence in recursion and DP using his videos.

He has a method of teaching DP which is very intuitive and easy to grasp, he follows an order which helps to identify patterns in DP and apply them to problems.

He also has concepts related to Binary Search, Sliding Window and Stack that are super helpful.

Any one who is struggling with Dynamic Programming I would highly recommend them to give his channel a try.


Aditya Verma

These were some of the resources I wanted to highlight that continue to help me immensely in my journey.

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Happy Coding, May you achieve your Goals :)

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