These are the software which made open source a thing. The OGs of it’s kind

Fancy gadgets and sleek designs are mainly what people see… But the real tech revolution is happening behind the scenes, powered by a force called open source. This gives us a world where anyone can peek under the hood, tinker with the engine, and even improve a car design —the magic of open source. The code behind these technologies is free for anyone to see, modify, and build upon.

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If you have a look around, the term “Open Source” is not used by anything else. It’s specifically meant for software. You don’t see open-source properties, Hardware, services, etc. This is because the concept itself consists of a lot of volunteer work, and would be very difficult to see “Open Source” even in software communities if it did not evolve the way it did. Fortunately, A series software/events came to happen, which made a community of people who advocate and made open source products.

The Giants

Linux — The Emperor with No Clothes (But Runs Everything)

Let’s ditch the fancy interfaces for a sec. Linux might not be the prettiest, but it’s the invisible emperor powering everything from your phone (Android is based on it) to the servers that keep the internet humming. Super secure and adaptable, it’s the workhorse choice for millions of devices, from your home computer to those crazy-powerful supercomputers scientists use.

Open Source Databases — Not a Secret Anymore

Remember the days when data was locked away like a treasure chest? Open source databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL smashed those doors wide open. Now anyone can store, manage, and analyze information, from a small bakery website to groundbreaking research projects.

Android — Open Source in Your Pocket

Remember those clunky old phones with limited options? Thank the open-source gods for Android! This platform lets manufacturers create a vast array of devices at different prices, making smartphones accessible to everyone. Diversity rocks!

Building Websites with Open Source Legos

Those cool websites you spend hours browsing? Many are built with open source frameworks like Django and Ruby on Rails. These tools act like giant code Legos, giving developers a solid foundation and a helping hand to focus on creating amazing features and experiences for you to enjoy.

Machine Learning for the Masses — Open Source Takes the Wheel

Artificial intelligence (AI) might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but the tools that power it are becoming way more accessible. Open source machine learning libraries like TensorFlow are like code playgrounds, letting developers build and play with AI for everything from helping doctors diagnose diseases to teaching cars to drive themselves (yikes, but hopefully good yikes!).

So, the next time you browse the web, check your phone, or use any cool online tool, remember — open source technology might be the secret sauce making it all work! It’s a testament to the power of global collaboration and innovation, changing the world one line of code at a time.

You’re Awesome :)


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