When displaying your hard-earned Microsoft certifications on platforms like Credly and LinkedIn, accuracy is crucial. It can be frustrating to see some of your certification badges marked as expired. In this blog post, we will walk you through the steps to ensure that your Microsoft certification badges remain accurate and visible, even after the transition from Credly to Microsoft Learn. Let’s dive in and ensure that your professional achievements are accurately represented, as they truly deserve!

The problem

Regrettably, Microsoft has discontinued sharing its certifications with Credly and are now sharing its certifications via Microsoft Learn to share its Microsoft certifications.. This means that when you renew your Microsoft certifications, the expiration dates are not updated in Credly. Consequently, your Microsoft certifications may appear to have expired on your public Credly profile. Furthermore, any new Microsoft certifications you earn will not be added to your profile. Additionally, if you have linked your Credly badges to your LinkedIn profile, your LinkedIn profile will also become outdated.

How do I get an accurate view of my certifications?

Don’t worry, there is some good news: you can now access your Microsoft certifications through your Microsoft Learn profile and sync them with LinkedIn.
There are three steps to take to remove the incorrect Credly badges and link to your new Microsoft Learn badges.

1. Remove the expired Microsoft badges from your Credly public profile

To ensure an accurate view of your certifications, start by removing the expired Microsoft badges from your Credly public profile. Hide any incorrectly expired Microsoft badges by selecting the badge, clicking on the three dots at the top right, and choosing Make badge Private. This will remove the badge from your public profile while keeping it visible on your private profile. Repeat this process for each expired Microsoft certification to accurately reflect your professional status on your public Credly profile.

2. Remove the expired Microsoft badges from your LinkedIn profile

Similarly, if you have connected your Credly badges to your LinkedIn profile, your Microsoft certifications might falsely show as expired. To address this, go to the Licenses & certifications section of LinkedIn and delete each incorrectly expired Microsoft certification.

In addition, anyone selecting Show credential will see the error message: You have hidden the badge on Credly because you removed the certificate from your Credly public profile.

Go to the ‘Licenses & certifications‘ section of LinkedIn and delete each incorrectly expired Microsoft certification. Edit each incorrectly expired Microsoft certification by clicking on the pen icon.

Verify that the Credential URL appears as either www.credly.com or www.youracclaim.com (historical name for Credly), which are the links that will error because the badge has been removed from your Credly public profile.

Then select Delete licence or certification. Ignore the message Are you sure you want to delete Microsoft Certified: Identity and Access Administrator Associate? and select Delete. Repeat for each incorrectly expired Microsoft certification.

3. Add your current Microsoft Learn certification details to LinkedIn

Once you have removed the expired badges, the final step is to add your current Microsoft certifications from your Microsoft Learn profile to your LinkedIn profile. This ensures that your certifications remain up to date.

Sign into your Microsoft Learn profile. Select your image at the top right and select Profile. Next select the Credentials menu item and Certifications. All your Microsoft certifications are displayed.

Then select View certification details.

On the right hand side of the screen, select Share and LinkedIn.

Select Add to LinkedIn Profile.

Check that the Credential URL is now showing learn.microsoft.com. Then select save.

Your updated Microsoft certification is now displayed in the Licenses & certifications section of your LinkedIn profile.


Updating your Microsoft certifications is crucial for maintaining an accurate professional profile. With Microsoft’s shift from Credly to Microsoft Learn, managing and showcasing your certifications has become more efficient. By removing your expired badges from Credly and adding new certifications from Microsoft Learn, you can ensure that your professional achievements are accurately represented on platforms like LinkedIn. Stay ahead in your career by presenting your latest accomplishments to potential employers and professional connections.

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