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Feedback is crucial for growth and improvement. With the advent of technology, creating feedback mechanisms has become more efficient and customizable. In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to create a feedback form using Google Apps Script, which not only gathers feedback but also sends notifications to specific instructors based on user selections.

Google Apps Script is a powerful tool that allows users to extend the functionality of Google Workspace applications such as Google Sheets, Google Forms, and Gmail. By leveraging its capabilities, we can automate tasks and create tailored solutions like our feedback form.

Step 1:

Setting up the Feedback Form First, create a Google Form to collect feedback from users. Include fields for the user’s name, email, feedback message, and a dropdown menu to select the instructor. This dropdown menu will dynamically populate with a list of instructors.

Step 2:

Creating the Google Apps Script Open the associated Google Sheets spreadsheet where responses from the form are collected. From the “Extensions” menu, select “Apps Script” to open the Google Apps Script editor.

In the script editor, write the code to extract form responses, parse the selected instructor, and send notifications accordingly. Here’s a simplified version of the code:

function onFormSubmit(e) {

var response = e.response;
var itemResponses = response.getItemResponses();

var instructor = itemResponses[3].getResponse(); // Assuming dropdown menu is the 4th item

// Define email addresses of instructors
var instructorEmails = {
“Instructor A”: “”,
“Instructor B”: “”,

// Add more instructors as needed

var recipientEmail = instructorEmails[instructor];
var feedbackMessage = “”; // Construct the feedback message

// Send email notification
to: recipientEmail,
subject: “New Feedback Received”,
body: feedbackMessage

Step 3:

Deploying the Script Once you’ve written the script, save it and deploy it as a trigger to run on form submission. Go to the “Triggers” menu in the script editor, add a new trigger, and select the function “onFormSubmit” to run on form submission events.

Step 4:

Testing the Form Test the feedback form by submitting responses with different instructor selections. Ensure that the notifications are sent to the respective instructors based on the dropdown menu selection.

Use Case Applications:

Educational Institutes: Educational institutions can use this feedback form to gather feedback from students about their instructors. Notifications can be sent directly to the respective instructors for timely review and action.Professional Training Programs: Organizations offering professional training programs can implement this feedback mechanism to collect feedback from participants. Notifications can be routed to trainers or instructors for continuous improvement.Online Courses Platforms: Platforms offering online courses can integrate this feedback form to collect feedback from learners. Notifications can be sent to course instructors or facilitators for personalized follow-ups and improvements.Workshops and Seminars: Event organizers can utilize this feedback form to gather feedback from attendees about workshop presenters or seminar speakers. Notifications can be sent to speakers for insights and future enhancements.


Creating a feedback form with Google Apps Script offers a customizable and efficient way to gather feedback and send notifications based on user selections. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, educational institutions, training programs, online course platforms, and event organizers can streamline their feedback processes and foster continuous improvement.

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