Amdocs visited our campus Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh in September 2022 for full time roles and I was one of the fortunate people to get selected

Selection Process

The process consisted of three rounds

Online AssessmentTechnical InterviewHR Round

Online Assessment(Medium)

The round had three DSA Questions from easy to medium difficulty and were to be done in 120 minutes

The concepts involved were Arrays and Strings

The first question was an easy problem and required simple for loop and if else conditions

The second question was related to a medium Dynamic Programming problem on strings which i solved easily since I had done it before

Unfortunately I don’t remember exactly the third problem but it was a difficult one on prime numbers and could not solve it

Cleared the Online Assessment and got the call for the interview.

Technical Interview(Easy-Medium)

The interview lasted more than an hour and covered various topics ranging from Data structures to my projects in resume and then SQL queries

I was asked to implement a linked list from scratch and then the interviewer had a follow up question about changing the data type of the list which I did easily but the interviewer tried to trick me on an edge case that I could not solve to the best of my abilities but yes I was not very worried since I had done the coding and successfully executed most of the test cases that he gave

Next he asked me about my projects I had added about working on front end so he asked me to create a text box and add some CSS to it which I did and then he asked me some questions about Django which I had worked on during my internship.

The interviewer then asked me how would you debug code at an enterprise level which we had a discussion on I told about logs which he did not seemed to be very satisfied about but I tried my best to answer his question based on the development I had done.

I encountered two SQL queries of medium difficulty which I wrote in the google meet itself and he asked about how they were working

To conclude the interview he asked me some questions on the programming language C++ which I had mentioned in my resume such as singleton classes, final keyword and dangling pointer which i could not answer.

At the end of the interview I was feeling little nervous due to some unanswered questions but I got a call for the HR interview.

HM round(Basic)

A short round in which she asked me about my strengths ,weaknesses reason to join Amdocs and my location preference to which i was very honest about.


Solve at least 10–20 problems on each data structure and do know how to implement them you never know which one they ask you to implement in the interview.For online Assessment make sure you are able to solve easy problems and standard Medium level problems and practice consistently on Leetcode and Geeks for Geeks to improve your problem solvingDon’t get discouraged if you are unable to answer the questions in the interview answer the one you know confidently and do not carry the nervousness of not answering a specific question to the further questions.Do not put anything on the Resume that you have not worked on since interviewers are smart and it would not be in your favour if they ask in depth questions about the project and eventually would leave a very bad impression of you on the interviewer.For HM rounds prepare the standard questions such as strength, weaknesses tell me a time where you lead a team, mention a time in which you delivered under strict deadlines. Preparing them beforehand will give you confidence to answer them in the moment and not think a lot in front of the interviewer.

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