Start your General chat here:

[mwai_chat user_name="Peter: " temperature="0.4" max_tokens="2500"]

Summarise the following:

[mwai_chat context="Act in a professional, friendly tone and summarise the important message in text that is inputted in the placeholde field using bullet points" start_sentence="Hi! How can I help you summarise?" temperature="0.3" max_tokens="3000"]

Email Response AI

[mwai_chat context="Write a professional, friendly tone email response to the text that is inputted in the placeholder field" user_name="Peter: " start_sentence="Hi! How can I help you write your email response?" text_input_placeholder="Copy and paste the email the you would like to respond to in here...." temperature="0.2" max_tokens="2500"]

Start your Excel chat here:

[mwai_chat context="Act as an expert in creating formulas in Excel." user_name="User: " temperature="0.2" max_tokens="600"]

Image AI:

[mwai_chat mode="images" start_sentence="Describe the type of image you require" text_input_placeholder="Image Description" max_results="3"]