The world of AI is constantly changing. Every day it seems there are new ways we can work with generative AI and large language models. It can be hard to know where to start your own learning journey when it comes to AI. Microsoft has put together several resources to help you get started. Whether you are ready to build your own copilot or you’re at the very beginning of your learning journey, read on to find the best and free resources from Microsoft on generative AI training.

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Azure AI

Build intelligent apps at enterprise scale with the Azure AI portfolio

Azure AI fundamentals

If you’re just starting out in the world of AI, I highly recommend Microsoft’s Azure AI Fundamentals course. It includes hands on exercises, covers Azure AI Services, and dives into the world of generative AI. You can either take the full course in one sitting or break it up and complete a few modules a day.

Learning path: Azure AI fundamentals

Course highlight: Fundamentals of generative AI module

Azure AI engineer

For those who are more advanced in AI knowledge, or are perhaps software engineers, this learning path is for you. This path will guide you through building AI infused applications that leverage Azure AI Services, Azure AI Search, and Open AI.

Course highlight: Get started with Azure OpenAI Service module

Let’s get building with Azure AI Studio

Imagine a collaborative workshop where you can build AI apps, test pre-trained models, and deploy your creations to the cloud, all without getting lost in mountains of code. In our newest learning path, you will learn how to build generative AI applications like custom copilots that use language models to provide value to your users.

Learning path: Create custom copilots with Azure AI Studio (preview)

Course highlight: Build a RAG-based copilot solution with your own data using Azure AI Studio (preview) module

Dive deep into generative AI with Azure OpenAI Service

If you have some familiarity with Azure and experience programming with C# or Python, you can dive right into the Microsoft comprehensive generative AI training.

Learning path: Develop generative AI solutions with Azure OpenAI Service

Course highlight: Implement Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) with Azure OpenAI Service module

Cloud Skills Challenges

Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Skills Challenges are free and interactive events that provide access to our tailored skilling resources for specific solution areas. Each 30-day accelerated learning experience helps users get trained in Microsoft AI. The program offers learning modules, virtual training days, and even a virtual leaderboard to compete head-to-head with your peers in the industry. Learn more about Cloud Skills Challenges here, then check out these challenges to put your AI skills to the test.

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Challenges 1-3 will help you prepare for Microsoft AI Applied Skills, scenario-based credentials. Challenges 4 and 5 will help you prepare for Microsoft Azure AI Certifications, with the potential of a 50% exam discount on your certification of choice1.

Challenge #1: Generative AI with Azure OpenAI

In about 18 hours, you’ll learn how to train models to generate original content based on natural language input. You should already have familiarity with Azure and experience programming with C# or Python. Begin now!

Challenge #2: Azure AI Language

Build a natural language processing solution with Azure AI Language. In about 20 hours, you’ll learn how to use language models to interpret the semantic meaning of written or spoken language. You should already have familiarity with the Azure portal and experience programming with C# or Python. Begin now!

Challenge #3: Azure AI Document Intelligence

Show off your smarts with Azure AI Document Intelligence Solutions. In about 21 hours, you’ll learn how to use natural language processing (NLP) solutions to interpret the meaning of written or spoken language. You should already have familiarity with the Azure portal and C# or Python programming. Begin now!

Challenge #4: Azure AI Fundamentals

Build a robust understanding of machine learning and AI principles, covering computer vision, natural language processing, and conversational AI. Tailored for both technical and non-technical backgrounds, this learning adventure guides you through creating no-code predictive models, delving into conversational AI, and more—all in just about 10 hours.

Complete the challenge within 30 days and you’ll be eligible for 50% off the cost of a Microsoft Certification exam. Earning your Azure AI Fundamentals certification can supply the foundation you need to build your career and demonstrate your knowledge of common AI and machine learning workloads—and what Azure services can solve for them. Begin now!

Challenge #5: Azure AI Engineer

Go beyond theory to build the future. This challenge equips you with practical skills for managing and leveraging Microsoft Azure’s Cognitive Services. Learn everything from secure resource provisioning to real-time performance monitoring. You’ll be crafting cutting-edge AI solutions in no time, all while preparing for Exam AI-102 and your Azure AI Engineer Associate certification. Dive into interactive tutorials, hands-on labs, and real-world scenarios. Complete the challenge within 30 days and you’ll be eligible for 50% off the cost of a Microsoft Certification exam2. Begin now!

Finally, our free Microsoft AI Virtual Training Days are a great way to immerse yourself in free one or two-day training sessions. We have three great options for Azure AI training:

Azure AI Fundamentals

Generative AI Fundamentals

Building Generative Apps with Azure OpenAI Service

Start your AI learning today

For any and all AI-related learning opportunities, check out the Microsoft Learn AI Hub including tailored AI training guidance. You can also follow our Azure AI and Machine Learning Tech Community Blogs for monthly study guides.

Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge | 30 Days to Learn It – Official Rules

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