We create effective designs that generate results.

Deanta Creative offers a professional graphic design service enabling our clients access a team of design professionals, project managers and production specialists, without the expensive overheads of maintaining a team in-house.

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Combining , creativity and technology,
we breathe life into your business.

With dedicated resources Deanta’s Creative Design Services ensure a professional finish to all your marketing collateral, ranging from book covers, digital design and marketing materials such as: reports, adverts, presentations, infographics and publications.

Project Managers

Leading communication design and visual projects

Our global project design teams are constantly iterating, solving problems, and working together to empower people around the world to build, design and manage creative solutions in meaningful ways.


Creative Talent

Our Designers are masters of the design process and use their talents with accuracy and flair. Wether the project revolves around a book cover, annual report, infographic or a digital solution, our designers deliver your message with color and dimension.

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

Lanstad, a Deanta creation, is a professional and affordable digital asset management system. Built to make it easy to store, find, and share your digital assets and projects securely and efficiently.

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Design assets that make an impact.

We understand the impact that a compelling design can make to a brand. Deanta creative offers a full-service visual design service focused on finding design solutions for creative challenges.

Print Visuals

Mobile Designs


Deanta Creative is defined by our approach; we value innovation and the art of digital design.

Our creative process applies techniques from a variety of disciplines, and gives careful consideration to the unique needs of each client. We meet every project’s challenges with creativity, and the experience required to successfully bring compelling ideas to life.

Evelyn Delehanty, Information Services Manager – Irish Tax Institute

The Irish Tax Institute has been working with Deanta for a number of years. I have found Deanta to be exceptionally reliable as a service provider and very consistent with quality work. Of particular importance is Deanta’s unique project management, with one person as a key point of contact. Their communication and problem solving skills are very strong

Linus Svensson, Director – Oikos Editorial Office

Oikos has been working with Deanta with typesetting services for several years, and we have been especially impressed with the quality of the deliverable, the prompt turnaround times, and the consistent, quality customer service that Deanta delivers, with onsite visits on a regular basis.


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At Deanta Creative we build relationships.

For us, client satisfaction is a primary measure of success. When working within fast paced industries it is key that Creative teams clearly understand design briefs and demonstrate flexibility. Click below to read a recent case study outlining how Deanta Creative worked with a key client – The Irish Tax Institute, to deliver a best in class and cost effective creative project.

How the Irish Tax Institute worked with Deanta Creative to design the 2107 Entrepreneur Booklet .

Irish Tax Institute is the leading representative and educational body for Ireland’s Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA) and is the only professional body exclusively dedicated to tax.

The Project – 2017 – ITI Entrepreneur Booklet.

Every year the Irish Tax Institute produces a wide range of publications each publication project requires a dedicated creative team . In 2017, due to constrained in -house resources, Deanta Creative was chosen to deliver creative services on a number of  high profile time sensitive design projects. One in particular was ” 2017 ITI Entrepreneur Booklet”. The objective: to help promote tax strategies in order to grow indigenous exports.

The Solution and Discovery Process

The solution was to create a series of high level templates for documents using the Institute’s new branding, which could then be repurposed to create different types of content, creating a streamlining creative development processes. As part of our discovery process Deanta met with the ITI in their offices to discuss the project and determined expectations in terms of: target, content, branding, style and approach. The team at ITI were very organised and supplied sample illustrative graphic examples. The collaboration between teams was great! After a number of intensive internal creative meetings,  Deanta Creative was in a position to send the first round of visuals to ITI for review. Concepts were approved straightaway and the creative team at Deanta continued to work-up additional graphic assets.

Within a matter of days first sample chapter was complete. ITI sent feedback the same day and we returned an updated chapter to them next business day. ITI produced sample prints and the team at Deanta continued to create and ammend both text and graphic adjustments.

The design project was iterative, ensuring that creative direction and brand guidelines were applied throughout the design process. Visuals were sent to and return by the client on a daily basis. Vector assets were created in a vibrant flat form and used a visual indictor to breakdown complex information. As the deadline approached the teams realised that an extra push would be needed to ensure on time delivery to meet the printing schedule. With the clients targets in mind Deanta’s creative team worked throughout the weekend to make final creative revisions ensuring delivery dates were met.


Using best-in-class Design tied with the learnings gathered in the discovery phase, the readers experience was enhanced to provide clear paths to complex content that mattered most to them. Complex and analytical information was broken down and displayed using a brand and style guide made for logical experience that resonated with, businesses, government stakeholders. Assigning a dedicated design services team built of project managers and designers helped keep in the goals of the project in focus and when the deadline approached Deanta Creative showed flexibility in keeping the project on track and within budget.

Cost Effective

Deanta Creative

Deanta Creative
Deanta Creative is uniquely positioned to offer clients a constant throughput of high quality creative solutions in a truley cost effective way. Our design experience allows us to filter our creativity into every design challenge, creative project, and social media campaign. Meaning you get the very best from us in every project.
Our client base consists of well respected, high achieving brands across the globe. They included companies such as: Bloomsbury - UK, Rowman & Littlefield - US, Informa Professional - UK, CRC Press - US, Oikos Editorial Office - Sweeden, Clarus Press - Ireland, Irish Tax Institute - Ireland, Channel View Publications -UK

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DEANTA - Dublin

The Seapoint Building, Dublin, Ireland

Deanta is a publishing production management and creative design company, based in Dublin, Ireland. Our Irish heritage is reflected in our name, which means ‘fully-fledged’ or ‘complete’. This is representative of who we are, and the end-to-end approach that we take with our work and our professional relationships.







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Because we place so much emphasis on our relationships with clients, it is central to our business that our team consists of the best and brightest publishing professionals. Not only are all of our Creative team members highly-trained and skilled, but they are driven, client-focused.